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By Christopher Alvarez and Xiang Shen
NY City Lens

The Kaufman Music Center brings back joyous live concerts


In these COVID times, we’ve missed the joy of live concerts. We’ve even missed listening along with 30,000 other screaming fans. Despite the year-long silence, Kaufman Music Center has now found new and creative ways to bring smiles to people’s faces. The musical storefront series, organized by Kaufman, are non-promotional pop up shows that take place behind a transparent glass window on the Upper West Side, with the audience standing outside, to avoid large crowds and keep social distancing measures. Whoever happens to stroll by the right place at the right time, until March 31, will be able to enjoy about an hour of joyous classical music on the streets of New York.

Featured here: Rubén Rengel (violin) and Ahmed Alom Vega (piano) at the Kaufman Music Center’s Musical Storefronts Series on 03/02/21.

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